How To Find Your Size
Size Guide

To get the best size for you try out virtual fitting room sizing tool with the only fit.  Think of it as your virtual try-on experience.  A voice assistant will instruct users through each step of the process. You’re always in control of your data! We’re protecting your data with two-way encryption, which prevents any unauthorized third-party access to your photos or data. And, we give you several ways to delete your photos and data if that is what you prefer to do. You can initiate the deletion of your data atany time. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy.

Tips For BEST Fit

  • Wear fitted clothing
  • Pull hair up and away from your neck and body.
  • Ensure the background is free from movement, other people, and clutter
  • Select a spot with good lighting and a contrasting background to the color you are wearing.
  • Insure entire body is in frame to get results. Like below.

If you decide not to use sizing tool you can follow these instructions.

Once you measure yourself compare your size off of chart below. If you are not use to wearing Fajas size up, as Colombian Fajas run very small. For bodysuits automatically go up a size. For our Strapless shorts Faja they run bigger. If you need more help Email us at or DM us on Instagram @EmShapewear  

If you're not sure of the size and scared it will fit too tight or too big, once your purchase is received we will exchange or return for FREE within the first two weeks of purchase!
Read Our Policy Here

Sizing For Postpartum?
Post Partum Faja Recommendations

If you're looking into purchasing to wear as soon as you give birth (within the first 2 months.) We recommend sizing up your regular shirt size before pregnancy. If you've never worn Fajas size up another size as well. Our bodies are swollen, and are still going back to its regular size.

A GiGi Waist Trainer or Rebecca Sauna Suit
is best for your journey to recoup. However, any of our bodysuits work great for postpartum, just depends on your personal preference.

If you want to hold off until you lose some weight and then purchase we definitely recommend into purchasing within your 3rd or 4th month postpartum. Size yourself at that time and check our site chart. As these are the crucial times of your body shaping back into its regular size. 

Since everyone's body is different, your body might size back less than the time above, or might take longer. These are estimates. 90% of the moms who wear a trainer/suit a few weeks after postpartum see results quickly. Worth the investment. Happy Postpartum Days!

**Please speak to your doctor before wearing any Fajas**

What's the difference between the Waist Trainers, Suits, and Shapewear?

Shapewear is everything that helps shape & mold your body. So this includes Waist Trainer, Sauna Suit, and bodysuits. They just all have their own qualities.

Waist Trainers are effective for cinching your waist, targeting your belly, lower belly, and lower back. 

Sauna Suit is the same as a waist trainer but provides coverage of upper and lower back. Helping with weight loss in those areas. Do you suffer from bra bulge? A Sauna suit is the best route to go. 

Bodysuits are good for an outfit out, dinner, or party. It is to be worn when you want your body to looked snatched and seamless underneath your clothing. Shapewear can be worn for hours, but can get frustrating as they have to be removed in order to go the restroom.

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