Emily Moreno, Founder of Em Shapewear

Get Snatched. 
Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

As a mother myself, I understand what it feels like to have the insecurity of both being overweight and having a mommy pouch. Faja wearing has not only been a confidence boost but it has made me feel more comfortable with myself. 
Growing up, my Mother set the example of having me as a model for her own Shapewear business when I was only 16. That, as well as seeing the confidence in the women she sold fajas to, inspired me to launch my own brand; Em Shapewear! After months of research, I was able to bring this brand to life in a much more modern, accessible, and transparent way today.
Here we are now with over 10,000+ Em Babes located all throughout from Australia to Hawaii!
Thanks to each and everyone of you for all the love and support. Stay Snatched Em Babes!