Post Partum Recovery 

Many women wonder how their body will look after pregnancy. Everyone's body is different, your body might size back less than the time above, or might take longer. These are estimates. You might order a large to wear after birth and might fit loose within the first month. Results varies from person to person. However, we do know that 90% of the moms who wear a faja a few weeks after postpartum see results quickly. Check out below to learn more about postpartum fajas!
*Please speak to your doctor before wearing any Fajas*

Sizing For Postpartum? Post Partum Faja Recommendations

We know that postpartum can be a very challenging time when it comes to weight loss. We understand and we are here for you.

If you're looking into purchasing to wear as soon as you give birth (within the first 2 months.) We recommend sizing up your regular shirt size before pregnancy. If you've never worn fajas before, size up 2x you before pregnancy shirt size as well. Our bodies are swollen, and are still going back to its regular size. 

If you want to hold off until you lose some weight to purchase. Size yourself at that time and check our site chart. As these are the crucial times of your body shaping back into its regular size. 

What's the difference between the Waist Trainers, Suits, and Shapewear?

Shapewear is everything that helps shape & mold your body. So this includes Waist Trainer, Sauna Suit, and bodysuits. They just all have their own qualities.

Waist Trainers are effective for cinching your waist, targeting your belly, lower belly, and lower back.

Sauna Suit is the same as a waist trainer but provides coverage of upper and lower back. Helping with weight loss in those areas. Do you suffer from bra bulge? A Sauna suit is the best route to go.

Bodysuits are good for an outfit out, dinner, or party. It is to be worn when you want your body to looked snatched and seamless underneath your clothing. Shapewear can be worn for hours, but can get frustrating as they have to be removed in order to go the restroom.